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International Day of Peace marked by workshops for the youth

21 septembar 2020

Shaping Peace Together is the message by which more than 30 young people pointed out the importance of art for the promotion and advocacy of democratic values and human rights in educational workshops today, within the Joint Regional DFF Program


The International Day of Peace is celebrated worldwide today, aiming to enable all individuals, organizations, and nations to jointly spread the message of peace through their actions and, in that way, remind of the need to strengthen the messages and ideas of peace among all nations. As the world today fights against an unpredictable enemy, the coronavirus, the focus of the International Day of Peace is on the message "Shaping Peace Together."

On today’s occasion, workshops were held in the botanical garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo for the youth, who learned about the importance of art for the promotion and advocacy of democratic values and human rights, to strengthen them and their social integration. Center for the Development of Youth Activism (CROA) organized the workshops within "The Art of Democracy" project, which is implemented by the Joint Regional Dialogue for the Future (DFF) Program. The DFF program's goal is to create more space for constructive dialogue, thus promoting coexistence, trust, and genuine respect for diversity.

"What is important to note on the occasion of this year's International Day of Peace is that this is also the UN's 75th anniversary, and the UN was founded precisely because of the need to maintain peace. While world leaders are virtually gathering today at the 75th session of the United Nations, we in BiH are gathering young people today to hear their voices, priorities and joint actions, as well as their hopes and expectations for a better future," said Ingrid Macdonald, UN Resident Coordinator in BiH.

With lectures by Damir Imamović, interpreter of traditional Bosnian music, and Marko Feher, a young and world-famous Bosnian fashion designer, about thirty young people from Sarajevo, Goražde, Foča, and Banja Luka, had the opportunity, as part of the workshops, to hear the experiences of these lecturers on advocating fundamental human rights in various segments of society, and creating social change. These workshops evoked young people's interest in democratic principles and human rights stimulated critical thinking on sensitive issues in society and encouraged the development of communication and research skills so that they could become active citizens in their community and society.


Today's workshops are proof that young people have strong capacities for constructive action in society, which leads to the necessary social changes, both locally and regionally. Through the activities of the DFF program and 19 projects implemented in BiH, Montenegro, and Serbia, young people are given the opportunity to express their needs, concerns, and are encouraged to act independently and build their identity so that tomorrow they are the ones who pass on their skills and what they learned to the next generation, all with the aim of strengthening social cohesion, at the state and regional level.

The Joint Regional Program "Dialogue for the Future: Promoting Dialogue and Social Cohesion in and Between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia" is implemented by UNDP, UNICEF, and UNESCO, with the support of the UN Peacebuilding Fund. Through the program's activities, the youth are educated and encouraged to act to become the bearers of activities aimed at the development and well-being of society at the local and regional level and thus integrate into all social spheres.

More details about the project can be found on the official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.


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