Every woman calling out injustice should have the support of us all

Sabina Krivdić, the only woman in BiH who runs a craft distillery, spoke to UN Women on education support & economic empowerment of women.

Sabina Krivdić from Visoko is a proof reader by education, and a distiller by profession. She is also the only woman in BiH who runs a craft distillery “Malinica” producing top quality liqueurs and brandy (rakija). She started her business with the incentives for women entrepreneurs of the Federation Employment Institute, which helped her make her dream come true and start her own business. In her interview to UN Women, Sabina spoke about how society should support women, especially in education and empowerment of women from economically disadvantaged groups and women survivors of violence, and the importance of gender equality for society as a whole.

What are your thoughts about the current situation of women’s rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Unfortunately, women’s rights are not at the level they should be. I had the opportunity to see first-hand that most women do not even know their rights in BiH, and they are not exercising them. I think that we should put in a lot of effort into education and information, in addition to fighting for women’s rights.

What success stories would you highlight in the area of women’s rights in BiH in the past year?

I recently saw adds for free legal aid for women from economically disadvantaged groups in my home town of Visoko. I believe that women are behind such a great initiative. Actions of this kind, be they local or widespread, can have tremendous results and success.

Can you give us a positive example (or more!) of an initiative, a group or an individual who have made significant progress in the area of women’s rights in BiH?

Progress in this area does not necessarily require very public victories or famous faces. Every woman who spoke against discrimination or humiliation, whether at work, in the street, or in the family, did something that will make the future better for other women. Similarly, every woman calling out injustice should have the support of us all. That is the only road towards meaningful progress. Such women are around us, we meet them, they are close to us and we have to support them. That would be positive examples.

What would you do to improve women’s rights in BiH?

If I were in a position to make such decisions, I would try and secure funding for education of young women from economically disadvantaged groups, and to support single mothers. I would particularly target with educational support and economic empowerment women who suffered or are suffering domestic violence.  

How would you encourage other members of our society to work towards women’s rights and to contribute to gender equality? What would be your message to them?

An independent, stable, healthy and happy woman is one of the pillars of a healthy society. Practising gender equality and women’s rights is therefore in the interest of the entire country.

(Photo Credit: Imrana Kapetanovic) 

Masha Durkalić
Communications Associate
UN Women