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Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are drivers of peace and a safer environment for all

13 May 2024

Presentation of project “Women lead the way towards peace and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Today the project "Women lead the way towards peace and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina" was presented at the International Atelier "Ismet Mujezinović." This project is part of a five-year investment of the United Nations Secretary-General's Peacebuilding Fund in BiH, aimed at enhancing peacebuilding in BiH, particularly through the implementation of the "Women, Peace, and Security" agenda. The event in Tuzla brought together experts and representatives from institutions and civil society who emphasized the crucial role of women in maintaining peace and strengthening security in BiH.

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"The UN Resolution 1325 'Women, Peace, and Security' emphasizes that efforts towards peace and security are more sustainable when women are equal partners in preventing violent conflicts, protection, providing assistance, as well as recovery from armed conflicts and building lasting peace. Recognizing its transformative potential, Bosnia and Herzegovina has so far adopted three action plans for the implementation of this Resolution, thus confirming the commitment to its continuous and systemic implementation. This is an opportunity to draw attention to the importance of Resolution 1325, as well as the importance of empowering women in preserving peace, security, and reconciliation, as this strengthens Bosnia and Herzegovina's security capacities and makes it a more peaceful place to live," stated Sevlid Hurtić, Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH. 

The project "Women lead the way towards peace and security in BiH" will strengthen the capacities of institutions and civil society organizations in implementing the agenda at the local level, and in synergy with institutions, work towards addressing key security challenges that particularly affect women in BiH. The total investment from the Peacebuilding Fund in BiH is 36 million KM, of which 10 million KM is allocated for enhancing the "Women, Peace, and Security" agenda.

„Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina have led peacebuilding, advocacy, and support to victims of conflict and violence across the country for decades. Their experience and knowledge have also inspired women leaders across the world. Yet, their critical contributions have often been overlooked and inadequately supported at home. Today’s launch is a commitment by the United Nations, through UN Women, IOM, and UNFPA, together with the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, and Agency for Gender Equality, as well as civil society, to support women across the country to take their rightful place as leaders in decision-making and peacebuilding at all levels in BiH,“ said Ingrid Macdonald, UN BiH Resident Coordinator.

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Organizations providing support to women survivors of violence affirm the role of women as drivers of peace and security in BiH through their work. Their engagement contributes to creating a safer environment for everyone, and through their activities, these organizations not only provide a safe refuge and support to women survivors of violence but also actively work to raise public awareness about the importance of combating violence against women and promoting a culture of non-violence and peace.

Radmila Žigić from “Lara” Foundation Bijeljina spoke at today's panel discussion about the importance of the "Women, Peace, and Security" agenda for sustainable peace and social cohesion in BiH. "The participation of women in shaping social processes in BiH is still insufficient to speak about gender equality in accessing resources. In addition to the evident gender gap, there are many other levels of unequal opportunities faced by various social groups, especially vulnerable groups of women. Women’s and other non-governmental organizations have contributed significantly over the past decades to make many forms of inequality and violence against women during and after conflicts visible and included in public policy agendas, but there is a lot of work ahead of us," she said, adding that the implementation of the "Women, Peace, and Security" agenda at the community level can contribute to reducing this gap and creating opportunities for greater participation of women in decision-making processes.

Women are often faced with multiple forms of marginalization, especially in areas of conflict and instability, which requires their empowerment and the commitment of all key actors to ensure that their roles in society and decision-making are equal. Therefore, one of the conclusions of the event is that providing support to vulnerable women is crucial for creating security and equality for all in society.

The project “Women lead the way towards peace and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina” is jointly implemented by UN Women, IOM, UNFPA, on behalf of the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund is the United Nations' leading instrument to invest in prevention and peacebuilding, in partnership with the wider UN system, national and subnational authorities, civil society organizations, regional organizations and multilateral banks. The Fund supports joint UN responses to address critical peacebuilding opportunities, connecting development, humanitarian, human rights and peacebuilding pillars. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the investment of the Fund is a partnership led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and United Nations Resident Coordinator with the guidance of a high level Peace Building Committee.  

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