Reporting on Migration and Refugees - Guidelines for Journalists

It’s important for editors, reporters, sub-editors and photographers to realise that, when they get it wrong, people can suffer directly. Sloppy, unprofessional work on these subjects always hurts the vulnerable in some way. That means always: checking and cross-checking information, being aware of the veracity of sources, being mindful of the language we use and the context in which information is presented.

While there is a widespread awareness of the importance of accurate reporting some journalists continue to print or broadcast myths and misinformation about migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. Inaccurate terminology and commentary has increased confusion and that breeds prejudice.

We remind you once again that the professional and ethical standards of journalism oblige all journalists and editors to objectively, comprehensively, uniformly and humanely report on migrants and refugees, without using hate speech, discrimination, and referring to violence.

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