UNODC supports the implementation of its Strong Families Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Community Service Organization Narko-Ne, with the support of the Government of Norway and UNDP, organized the online conference aimed to address the challenges faced in the work with families at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference was enhanced with the UNODC expertise, in collaboration with the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference allowed participants to discuss the structure and evidenced value of the Strong Families Programme, as well as the results achieved during the pilot phase (November 2020), when the Programme was introduced in Bosnia and Herzegovina through an online training delivered to the relevant professionals who then tested its effectiveness via the application of the Programme on 18 chosen families. The results of the pilot phase reaffirmed the commitment of the institutions and local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the application of evidence-based prevention strategies and further strengthening of the country’s capacities to sustain and expand prevention efforts.

During the event, some of the beneficiaries’ experiences were relayed through quotes, for example from a child beneficiary saying: “All people in my group were very positive and dear. I liked so much that we have worked and learned through games. The most useful were the stress-releasing games showed by our facilitators, and we have started immediately to use them at home. They are very helpful, we get along better, and we are controlling the stress situation better now”.

Similarly, caregivers’ perspective on the Programme were also presented, one of them having shared: “I have learned more about how to approach my kids when they are sad and when they are happy. I believe that every caregiver should have the opportunity to go through this programme. I have changed my expectations from the caregiver’s perspective and realized that we can achieve what we want in a different and a better way”.

The conference is part of a larger project “Enable Beneficial Civil Society Environment– EMBRACE”, supported by the Government of Norway and implemented by UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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