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Young People mark the International Day of Peace, discussing the peace they wish to build in Bosnia and Herzegovina

21 September 2022

Following a series of youth essay and art competitions organized by the OSCE and United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2020 and 2021 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the country’s commitment to Agenda2030, the two organizations have gathered a selection of essays and artwork in a publication presenting young peoples’ reflections on peace in BiH. The publication, entitled The Peace Young People Wish to Build in BiH, was presented today in Sarajevo on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, and was followed by a conversation with young authors.

“The stories that young people have shared in this booklet offer a vision for a peaceful, prosperous and equitable future for Bosnia and Herzegovina. I encourage everyone, and especially colleagues in the media and those working on youth policies, to read what these talented young people have written, and engage with the authors so we can all help them to achieve this vision”, said dr. Ingrid Macdonald, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

“The words and pictures presented here are truly inspirational. They capture the spirit of a country free of political divisiveness. A place where mutual empathy, respect and understanding are the common currency, and where the legacy of the past is not denied, but overcome,” said Dr. Susan Penksa, Acting Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH.  “The compelling youth visions of a prosperous and peaceful BiH should motivate elected leaders and candidates for office to focus their efforts on ensuring that BiH is a country where everyone is treated equally and where the values of trust, integrity and mutual respect are held high,” she added.

21 September has been marked as the International Day of Peace since 1981, when it was established by the United Nations General Assembly. The young authors and activists gathered at the event noted that the peace in BiH should never be taken for granted. All has to be done to make BiH a better place no youth will ever want to leave. 

The Peace Young People Wish to Build in BiH publication is available at the following link:…  

Dalila Sadinlija

Dalila Sadinlija

Communications and Advocacy Officer UN Resident Coordinator Office

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